More Pics

 It was evident that he was a genetic freak of nature from birth.

Born on Thanksgiving 11/28/2013

Noticeably larger then the other pups from day 1.

At 10 months he was 90lbs.

At 12 months old he was 15″ tall 25″ head and 1OOlbs

By 18 months he was one of the Most Extreme American Bullies in the world.

Winning 1st place LARGEST HEAD AT 26″ and bringing home 3 trophies in all. In Thickest Bone and Most Extreme at the IBKC BULLY ALL STARS SHOW May 2015 in an open class he competed against all ages and all bully breeds.

As I write this, he is 20 months old and stands at 16″ at the withers 26″ head and right at 100 lbs. He is getting even more muscle tone as he matures. It is safe to say that SLUGGO is one of the MOST EXTREME AMERICAN BULLIES IN THE WORLD.